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Clan News 2004


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The family news which we are about to report is what we have herd from the "horse's mouth" (relatively speaking).
If there are any errors or omissions , let us know and we will rectify it. 
The reason for this page is to let everyone  know what is happening in each of our families....without being too intrusive...Let us know if you don't want to be talked about 
Armstrong/Hodgins News:
Niece Jana graduated from Teachers College, worked at Halfway Lake Provincial Park for the summer and also taught a course at Laurentian University.  She now has a teaching job at her old alma mater and has her own apartment. 
Niece Calli is at McMaster University in Hamilton.  She directed "Jesus Christ Superstar" which was a big hit and taught Drama this summer in Hamilton.  This year she will be up front and centre, playing Dorothy in "The Wiz" 
Niece Mika is at Trent University and also worked at Halfway Lake Provincial Park this summer.  She is also Residence "Don" this year. 
Nephew Dylan worked this summer getting building/renovation experience.  I think I have a few jobs for you Dylan...  He is back at school now and I hear he has some excellent teachers this year..
Niece Paula is an excellent Stylist and her and Trevor are busy renovating their basement.  Congratulations to the both of them because they are expecting their firstborn in July 2005.
Niece Emily is an excellent teacher and mummy to baby Olivia. She is also a great photographer cuz she keeps us updated with lovely Olivia pictures.  Keep up the good work!! 
Charette/Gendron News:
Congratulations to Niece Tanya Charette who graduated from high school and is now working in Calgary.  Brother Daryl is there and welcomed her with open arms.....and is happy to have her share the rent...ha
Nephews Keith Charette and Daryl have a band called "Pottymouth"... Don't ask"  ...ha  They had some professional gigs this year.  Good luck guys
Niece Pauline is working in Vernon now after spending time in Calgary and working in Banff. Sister Michelle is also back in Vernon after working in Banff, Calgary and Vancouver.
Congratulations to Niece Monique Gendron for getting to first base in the Canadian Idol.  Also congratulations for your sharp shooting accomplishments. 
Brother Roger is doing well and back cracking the books after his long-tough cancer treatments.  Take it easy Roger and take care of Monique's bone marrow....ha
Not too sure what Nephew Owen is up to, but it is probably something creative.

Monique winning "Gold" at Summer Games 2004

Let us know if there is news within the "Clans".... that you would like to share with each other..

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