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Clan News 2006


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The family news which we are about to report is what we have herd from the "horse's mouth" (relatively speaking).
If there are any errors or omissions , let us know and we will rectify it. 
The reason for this page is to let everyone  know what is happening in each of our families....without being too intrusive...Let us know if you don't want to be talked about 
Armstrong/Hodgins News:
Congratulations to Nephew, Dylan, who graduated from Grade 12 this year and will be continuing on at Laurentian University.
Congratulations to Niece, Emily and Greg, who are the proud parents of a bouncing new baby boy, Elliot Alexander, born June 6, 2006, 7lbs 4oz.  Elliot has a big sister, Olivia, who will be celebrating her 3rd birthday soon.
Charette/Gendron News:
Congratulations to Nephew Keith and Stacey.  They moved into their newly built Calgary home in June.  Also Congratulations to Stacey, who has graduated and is now a full fledged Registered Nurse. 
Congratulations to Nephew Shane, who married Tammy on August 5th in Petrolia, Ontario.

Let us know if there is news within the "Clans".... that you would like to share with each other..

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