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Clan News 2005


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The family news which we are about to report is what we have herd from the "horse's mouth" (relatively speaking).
If there are any errors or omissions , let us know and we will rectify it. 
The reason for this page is to let everyone  know what is happening in each of our families....without being too intrusive...Let us know if you don't want to be talked about 
Armstrong/Hodgins News:
Niece Calli  has graduated from McMaster University and was chosen to be class valedictorian.  She has been accepted at Concordia University in Montreal where she will be taking Drama Therapy ... and has a nice "hefty" scholarship to show for all her hard work.  Congratulations Calli ! !
Niece  Mika is "Resident Don" at Trent University and will be doing some painting and upkeeping there this summer.  Have fun Mika.
Niece Jana travelled to Greece and toured the "Party Islands".  Nephew Dylan is entering his final year of high school and is hoping that his soeur won't be his teacher...ha
Niece Paula and Trevor are the proud parents of Drew Reagan, 8 1/2 lbs, born July 20.  Congratulations.
Charette/Gendron News:
Niece Tanya has a great training opportunity with her new "optical" job in Calgary.   This could prove to be very exciting.
Niece Pauline is going back to school in Kelowna this fall.  Good luck Pauline.
Nephew Brent and Andrea are the proud parents of Rebeccah Ann, born August 13th, 8lbs 10 oz.  A sibling for 2 1/2 year old Ruth.  Congratulations.

Congratulations to Nephew, Dean Charette, who entered a marathon in Philadelphia along with 6,000 others and finished in 36th place. (Time - 02:38:31)
I couldn't insert a link.  Google "Philadelphia Marathon 2005" and you should get some good pictures and statistics.  Dean is "Bib # 3470". 

Another year of medals for Niece Monique .  (Provincial Smallbore Championships)  Congratulations Monique
More Medals for Monique

Let us know if there is news within the "Clans".... that you would like to share with each other..

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